TCASP EP:129 – Can of Air and the TED Cinema Experience


Chris has had another full on week, which included house sitting and looking after a toothless cat. Chris has been watching Rick and Morty and now likes it. Sam watch a documentary called Silicon Cowboys and explains what that was about.

YikYak is no more and is shutting down its services, we discuss that and find out if Chris knows what it is.

Chris has been so busy that he hasn’t been keeping up with his busy busy Tinder life, find out what he has been up to with that lately.

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TCASP EP:128 – Sperm Fights Tumors, Rigging a Competition


Welcome to episode 128, we touch on if ANZAC is a different thing to what it used to be, we heard about some more old people getting scammed, make sure you aren’t one of them.

Sam’s in the early stages of entering a competition to win a new car, this leads onto a story from his past on how he gamed the system to win a pretty sweet prize.

Chris found out about some sperm that is being targeted against tumors, find out what that is all about.

Google has launched an online tool called Auto Draw, which looks pretty cool, it guesses what you are trying to draw and you can pick from its suggestions, ideal for people like us that can’t draw at all.

We talk about Juicero, a well funded juicer that no one really needs, find out how much it cost and what works better.

Find out what the summit on content marketing is, and find out what Chris is doing with it.

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TCASP EP:127 – Chris Tells a Story and we Catch up


In this week’s episode we catch what’s been happening, Sam has been to pumpkin events, spoke to someone who worked at a cool place.

Chris has been busy working and tells a story he might regret in some ways.

TCASP EP:126 – Go Balls Out and a Crazy Cancer Cure


We are back after missing last week, mainly due to being busy and having 2 giant pumpkin events within a week

We find out what has been keeping us super busy lately, and we find out about testicular cancer NZ.  Colin Meads has been in the news about some crazy expensive home remedy for cancer, it doesn’t sound very legit.

We find out how Chris’s plans are going for America.

John Clarke died, and we talk about a possible kickstarter that might be happening called small batch audio.

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TCASP EP:125 – Peanut Butter, and Running out Room for People

This weeks episode is a bit late due to be being busy with the great pumpkin carnival.

This whole summary is based off my memory, so it is a real treat to what you will actually hear about.

We talk about the rise of peanut butter, all starting from a kitchen counter then moving to a concrete mixer.

All that and a lot more in this episode of the podcast.

TCASP EP:124 – Paid to be at a Strip Club


This week started off well, Sam got back his excess from the Insurance company, but may still need to go to court later on about the guy that crashed into his car.

The cool photo walk Sam was keen on, got cancelled due to a large company being dicks and being shady and doing their own thing, which apparently was totally unrelated to the other one.

Chris missed a robbery that happened 20 meters away from him, find out what happened and what was stolen.

Find out what the special part that Chris is on about in this episode by going to the link below to Oreilly Autoparts and enter 121G.

Chris filled Sam in about The Expanse a much watch show according to him, and he also watched a doco called be here now which sounds like a pretty amazing doco to watch.

Chris ended up at a strip club on a Monday morning and was getting paid for it, find out what that was about and check out the video of it below.

Mission Impossible 6 looks like to be filming some scenes here in NZ at some point and Tom Cruise has been in training for the main stunt for the last 12 months, will he do it here in NZ?

A new billboard has gone up for Trump and they won’t take it down until he is out of office.

A monthly toothbrush subscription service right here in NZ, find out all about it in this episode.

We saw this Bill Gates thing which almost sounded real but turned out it was a type of scam, one that was hard to figure out if it was real or not.

Escape my house is a great marketing thing the NZ fire service is doing, for the first 4500 people that register you get a very cool envelope with a google cardboard inside, and you can check out a VR type thing that helps you know how to escape your house, we will be checking it out fully in a future episode and may have some video for you.

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TCASP EP:123 – Tinder Profile and Scientology


The short film we were involved with Only Humane has been accepted into the high desert film festival out in Nevada, Chris is keen to go and is working out how he can pay for his plane ticket.

Sam has been busy sorting out giant pumpkin stuff.

We cover the egg controversy that has been happening at Countdown supermarkets and how it could have affected Chris.

Countdown was also in the news about an error that involved an expensive piece of pumpkin.

We watched the documentary going clear, all about Scientology.

A cake baker is awarded a $7 million-dollar contract to build a sewage treatment plant even though they have no idea at all how to do this.

Chris has been reading a book and he now think she knows what woman want, so has dived head first back into Tinder, hear what his winning strategy is with his Tinder profile and we discuss the photos he is using on his profile, also make sure to check out our Facebook page where we have shared the photo and may have made some cringe worthy memes with it.

Chris is thinking about not following up with the woman who crashed into his car, in the grand scheme of things there are better things to be worrying about in life.

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TCASP EP:122 – The Apology, Nigerians in Space and #crispymint M&M’s


Episode 122 is here and to kick things off we have an apology from Chris about some of the content featured in episode 121 so check that out to find out what went down.

Scientists are one step closer to being able to upload stuff directly to our brain like the Matrix.

We talk about the New Zelander of the of the year, Taika Waititi and find out why Chris thinks’s he should have never received this award at all.

Tivo is shutting down later on in the year, how will Chris cope with this change?

Love honey? But don’t want the hassle of owning your own hive and doing all the bee keeping work that is involved, then hive share is for you. Invest in a hive and get the sweet sweet reward of honey.

We learnt that a bomb proof defence house is no match for an earthquake.

Upper Hutt for Trump? Find out all about this amazing video made for Donald Trump

The latest Nigerian scam is out, and it is amazing, find out what you need to worry about now and what their space agency has been up to.

The walking dead has some up on news sites this week, while they spend a lot of money on makeup for the zombies, less money has been spent it seems on a CGI deer.

We test out the Crispy Mint M&M’s on the show, to the delight of the audience I am sure, find out what we thought #crispymint

Sam’s been in Christchurch and checked out the historic village Ferrymead which was very cool.

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TCASP EP:121 – Chris’s Mum’s Wedding

In this episode, we find out all about how Chris’s Mum’s wedding went. This episode is sorta not really sponsored by black heart rum, but let’s pretend it is as that is what Chris was drinking during this recording.

Some of the highlights were Chris stopping at the Lazy Graze café and having some of the best coffee ever and he was also impressed with his vegetarian meal he had. And we went and checked out the vintage aviator museum.

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TCASP EP:120 – Tropfest Results


The universe must have thought Sam was missing out with car related accidents so someone drove into the side of his car this week, find out what happened.

Tropfest 2017 was just held, Chris went down there as he helped out a one of the finalist films, and another 2 were made by people we know. Find out how everyone went, who won what, and Chris gives a rundown of the 16 finalists.

We talk a little bit about Kiwi Saver schemes and how they are taking a long time to transfer your money between them when you change.

What is mesh wifi? And why are we talking about it? Could it be the thing we need to fix our internet issues around here, maybe?

Sam went on another photo walk with Up and Adam, this time around Hamilton and got some cool photos.

We also hear about what the latest is with Chris’s Mum’s wedding, which he is at this weekend, look forward to hearing all about it in next week’s episode.


Tropfest Winning Film 2017

Up an Adam Website