TCASP EP:139 – Kingfiser No More and Bic


An end of an era this week as Chris finishes off the last of his beloved Kingfisher beer, will the podcast ever be the same again? Our part time flatmate has also moved out. Cambridge has decided to get a new rebranded logo, some people aren’t too happy with it and we put out two cents into the conversation around it.

Chris hits us with some Bic pen facts he recently learnt, and some other fact which is really amazing and involves lighters.

Sam had a strange interaction with a woman at the supermarket, find out what happened and what made it weird.

No update this week on the share plum, maybe next week will be the week Sam tries it out and reports back on how well it worked.

We get an update from Chris’s small car accident he talked about last week, how much will he be paying out the ding he put into a fellow actors car, find out in this episode.

The new Doctor Who got announced this week, which seems to have upset some people, and we talk a bit about the difference between patents and trademarks and how they have come up with recently.

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TCASP EP-138: Romans and Snow

This is a double length episode as we have had so much happening and we missed last week’s episode, find out about Chris’s acting gig where he was a gladiator, a dead body and more. We also all learnt about ASMR which seems a bit creepy, check out the video below and see what you think about it.

Sam went down south and had to deal with a lot of snow, find out what happened and what other sites he saw in his travels, some photos can be found below.

Chris didn’t like a new product from Moro, and Sam is going to eat a random plum sometime in the future that he got for free from some Asian guy, apparently it should be interesting, find out why. All this plus more, come check it out.

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TCASP EP:137 – The Desperado is In


What excitement has been happening this week in the lives of your intrepid podcast hosts? Recording this podcast episode in freezing conditions. Well not too much actually, but never fear, we’ve got some stuff for you in this episode, like:

Chris has been working a lot this week, and it may or may not have taken a toll on him, hence him drinking Desparados when recording this episode of the podcast.

Nintendo launched another mini system this week, the Nintendo SNES mini with 21 games contained within it, it’s available now for pre order and it comes out at the end of September, Sam jumped on the chance and pre ordered his through Mighty Ape without even knowing how much it was going to cost.

We learnt about the Inspirobot website that makes awesome inspirational quotes using the power of AI.

We learnt about an American YouTuber that thought it would be a good idea to get shot by a gun and try and stop the bullet with a book.

Chris did a newspaper interview along with Adam about the short film Only Humane, and we are taking part in another 48hr film later on in the year with a newish team, find out who is also on the team that Chris is quite happy about. Continue reading “TCASP EP:137 – The Desperado is In”

TCASP EP: 136 – TEDx Announcement and a Firm German Woman


Another week and another awesome podcast episode, listen to find out what we have been up to, highlights this week include:

Chris had to deal with all the fog in Hamilton, find out how that affected his travel plans, and find out where he was going.

Find out how Uber caused Chris some issues as well on his travels.

Exciting news for broadcast TV here in NZ, and it means we can watch normal TV now, that is TV1 and TV2 are now going to broadcast their channels live online, we’ll see how well that pans out.

We learnt about the clock in the wall this week, it’s been beeping every day for the last 13 years, how it got in there is an amusing story.

Sam got the best spam email this week, it involves money and children and it’s great.

Chris had some good news, when a television production contacted him and wants him to do some more work on a show he’s been on before.

TEDx Ruakura is fast approaching, Chris as you know is the speaker coach, and TEDx Ruakura had a Salon event on Thursday which was great, and the speakers were all announced, including Sam, he’ll be there doing a talk, you’ll have to guess on what as it’s all secret squirrel.

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TCASP EP:135 – The one with Fieldays


This week’s episode is here a bit late, but not as late as the things Chris has been procrastinating with. Find out what he’s supposed to be doing.

Hamilton has Fieldays this week which means one thing, the busiest time of the year for escorts.

We discuss the cat that has teeth problems that Chris is now the proud owner of.

Sam went to Fieldays, so find out all about that, highlights include helping people to not get ripped off by fidget spinners, a chainsaw stuck in a log, interesting people and getting stuck in mud.

Chris is heading off to Wellington to go to a TedX, find out what his travel plans entail, and next week we will no doubt hear about how that trip went.

Homer Simpson thwarts Deep mind this week, find out how he confused one of the smartest computers around.

Elon Musk interview is something you must watch according to Chris, find the link below.

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TCASP EP:134 – Sweet Chili Sauce


Chris is feeling flat this week, after his trip away he must now face reality and work hard, it might be getting him down.

A TedX Ruakura Salon is coming up in Hamilton, find out what that is about.

Trademe is launching by now pay later, find out how much you can by and what the repayments are going to be, is this a good idea for NZ?

Chris got some bone conduction earphones, Sam isn’t so sure they are the real deal, but they do fit comfortably.

There is now 7 litres of sweet chilli sauce at home now, find out how that happened, and Sam had a tweet about Hamilton retweeted this week, find out what the surprising tweet was.

We are now on the lookout for a new flatmate as our one wants a change and is moving out very soon, she’s also offloaded her old cat off to Chris, which it’s hard to tell if he is happy about or pissed.

Uber sparks cabbie war in Hamilton |
Trade Me launches buy now, pay later technology |

TCASP EP:133 – The Las Vegas Report


Chris recalls all the awesome stories from his very recent trip to the US.

We won’t spoil what happened by putting it all here in the show notes, but highlights include:

The flights out of NZ and how that all went, movies Chris watched, accommodation, sights he saw and how the film festival went.

Of course, any episode like this wouldn’t be complete without Chris doing some dumb stuff, have a listen, and find out what he did and didn’t do while travelling around the globe.

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TCASP EP:132 – Sin, Vegas and The Sevens


This week’s episode isn’t brought to you by Kingfisher beer, it is brought to you by some random bottle of port Chris is drinking, will this enhance the show? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Before Chris’s trip to the real Las Vegas, we get to hear about how his trip to Rotovegas was, and Sam fills us in on what wheelie day was and what he was supervising.

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TCASP EP:131 – The Marriage Breakup


We start this podcast with a talk about Facebook and the new thing they are bringing out. And then a new story has come out saying MP3 is now a dead format, is this just click bait headlines or is there something to it? We discuss it.

Wannacry ransomware has been in the news a lot the last couple of weeks, what is it and how did some random dude slow down the spread of it? Find out in this episode.

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TCASP EP:130 – John Wick 2, Upcoming Travels and a Weird Rage


Welcome to another episode of everyone’s favourite podcast, we start off with Chris talking about how unfit he feels, and how he’s going to be sore after going to the gym, we went and saw John Wick 2, find out our thoughts on this film.

Chris has possibly the worst rant ever, it makes no sense, find out what he is going on about.

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