TCASP EP:148 – 48hr Finals, The Block and Work


Another well-crafted podcast for your listening pleasure this week. Chris went along to the 48hr film finals where the standard of films was really high, and friends and ex-teammates did exceptionally well and picked up a bunch of awards, well-done everybody.

Hamilton City Council is finally sorting out the Library here in town and is going to fix it up, it’s going to take over 8 months though, why did they not start fixing it sooner we wonder?

We talk about the TV show The Block and how the poor hard done by contestants are going on give a little to raise funds for them losing a game they signed up for.

An extra bonus episode of the black hand’s podcast came out this week, it made Sam ragey as the judge seemed like an idiot.

We talk about a great app that has been picked up by big US sports teams, and you’ll never guess where it had been made.

And we discuss Chris’s work situation, will he actually get better at his job? Or will he be forever working crazy hours? What is causing all of this? And Chris is using an app to help him learn where all his time is being spent.

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TCASP EP:102 – Robot baby and Broken Kneecaps


In our seemingly never-ending quest to sort out the noise issues, we recorded the podcast differently this week and it sounds amazingly clear.

Chris went and found out what projects are in the works for the film crew we are with, Slate48. Our 48hr film Cabin in the Wool made it into the finals in Hamilton, and we also got nominated for 5 other awards, which is super exciting.

Chris wrote a script as well this week, which needs a lot of work, like lots. Keep tuned in to find out how that goes.

Friend of Chris’s, Victor Ahipene has released an ebook called “The Authority Handbook: The Ultimate Guide for Connecting with Industry Influencers to Boost Your Profile” Chris rates Victor highly and recommends you read this book.

Sam went to the dentist this week after finding a better dentist, he’s had half a root canal done, with the rest being done later on in the week.

He’s also been dealing with couriers all week and went to Mitre10 Mega for their gardening night to help sell giant pumpkin seedlings.

Chris has a gig as an extra for a doco set in the 80’s this week, he might be able to take his own 80’s clothing as he doesn’t throw anything out, tune in for the next podcast to hear how that went

Following on from the talk about Rocket Lab in last week’s show, we found out that their online booking system for putting things in their rockets is a very cool way of doing it on their website, better than ordering pizza.

Boeing’s CEO has thrown down the challenge of getting people to Mars and think they will be able to get there sooner than Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

We discuss if Chris will get one of the robot babies that Toyota is bringing out next year.

Chris tells us about his time in his youth when his family hung out with a real life “Ray Donovan” type character, and the mystery around his broken knee caps.

We talk a bit about the Aaron Smith toilet saga which has been blowing up big time in the media.

Chris got a phone call during the podcast, and it looks like he might be getting some contract work over the next couple of months.

Facebook marketplace is driving Chris crazy, is Facebook just getting worse as time goes by?

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TCASP EP:97 – 48hr Practice, McChicken and Fog Machines


Hi everyone, sorry about the bad audio last week, we have now fixed that problem.

We talk about our 48hr practice weekend and how glamourous filmmaking is. We are using crowdfunding to get money to feed the cast and crew on the proper weekend, help us out if you can. (link below)

We are hopeful this year’s attempts will be better than last years, which you can hear all about in episode 31 and find out about the issue we had during the filming of the practice weekend.

Is Donald Trump breathing a sigh of relief as all signs point to him not becoming president?

All Mobil stations now have crazy fog machines inside them to deter burglars.

We have a new box for the internets and it seems to be causing some issues for Sam this week.

Taumarunui farmer wants to have toilets with one way glass to help drive tourists to stop at the small town.

Facebook fires it’s trending topics team because it turns out they are more useless than computers at doing their job, especially when it comes to the McChicken story which if you don’t know what that is, it is a guy making sweet sweet love to a McChicken burger.

The Irish aren’t happy with Apple and want them to pay the tax they are owed, how will this play out.

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