TCASP EP-138: Romans and Snow

This is a double length episode as we have had so much happening and we missed last week’s episode, find out about Chris’s acting gig where he was a gladiator, a dead body and more. We also all learnt about ASMR which seems a bit creepy, check out the video below and see what you think about it.

Sam went down south and had to deal with a lot of snow, find out what happened and what other sites he saw in his travels, some photos can be found below.

Chris didn’t like a new product from Moro, and Sam is going to eat a random plum sometime in the future that he got for free from some Asian guy, apparently it should be interesting, find out why. All this plus more, come check it out.

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TCASP EP:108 – Chris is old, Swiss Army Man


Chris is feeling old this week as it is his birthday, find out just how old he is, you might be surprised. He also had some trouble with a new app, old age is probably to blame, find out what he did in this episode. Marco Polo is the name of the app, a new way to message people with video.

Chris’s favourite person ever, Kanye West has been having a hard time lately, is this changing the way Chris thinks about him?

Chris appeared on TV this week as an extra and thinks he should receive an award for his dirty look he gave during the Pike River Mine Doco, check it out and see what you reckon, he played one of the mine rescue guys in it.

We watched Swiss Army Man, the movie starring Danielle Radcliffe and we have mixed feelings about it, the start of it was good and then the ending just didn’t seem to do the film justice, find out all about it in this episode.

Regular listeners will know that Chris has a new job and with that, he has to learn new skills, one of those being that he has to learn to drive a forklift.

We heard some random news we can’t really talk about, involving a government department, have a listen and see if you know what we are talking about.

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