TCASP EP:135 – The one with Fieldays


This week’s episode is here a bit late, but not as late as the things Chris has been procrastinating with. Find out what he’s supposed to be doing.

Hamilton has Fieldays this week which means one thing, the busiest time of the year for escorts.

We discuss the cat that has teeth problems that Chris is now the proud owner of.

Sam went to Fieldays, so find out all about that, highlights include helping people to not get ripped off by fidget spinners, a chainsaw stuck in a log, interesting people and getting stuck in mud.

Chris is heading off to Wellington to go to a TedX, find out what his travel plans entail, and next week we will no doubt hear about how that trip went.

Homer Simpson thwarts Deep mind this week, find out how he confused one of the smartest computers around.

Elon Musk interview is something you must watch according to Chris, find the link below.

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TCASP EP:086 Feedback, Fieldays and Sex Box


We’ve recorded half of this episode twice due to technology being dumb.

We have a follow-up from episode 85, NZ Post got in touch with us about our comments on their new electric buggies, and we’ve learnt that a story Chris talked about happened like almost a year ago.

Chris almost got caught out with another news story this week, but realised it was a hoax mere seconds before he was about to post it to the Chris and Sam Facebook page.

TEDx Ruakura update this week, a big rehearsal for all the speakers and Sam helped out on the day. Chris was in good form, and might be working towards making a speaker cry.

We hung out with Will Fleming from the Will Fleming Vlog, his mate Rob, as well as Lush Monster, Karl who along with his wife turned up with his 360-degree camera which filmed us.

We mention fan of the show Jeremy Howson, who is wanting to interact with us live, one day he might be able to once we work out a schedule when we are recording.

This week we heard from Karl all about the Budweiser watch his dad gave him, that was powered by Budweiser.

We learnt about a website that helps domestic violence people get help. They have a free button you can put on your website.

We answer a burning question about our outro on the podcast, find out if we mean friends or friend.

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TCASP EP:035 – Fieldays, acting legend dies, Chris with tech


Sam has destroyed his phone and has had to find a new way to listen to podcasts on his “dumb phone”. Chris has been dealing with TedX Speakers. Dave Grohl is the man and carried on with a broken leg. Another acting legend died recently and Chris hopes he goes the same way.

Fieldays was on this week and we went and checked it out, Sam tried something to fix his back, and Chris had issues with Technology.

We also discovered that an adult website wants to make some films in space, and they need your help.

And what made passenger 15A so bad, find out in this podcast.

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