TCASP EP:115 – A funeral, some chocolate and a phone sensor


Welcome to episode 115, a bit of a busy week so instead of the usual things we have saved to talk about we are going old school and just making it all up as we go along, what could go wrong. Sam’s dealing with his slightly grumpy child today, he’s also off to the bank and going to go bowling.

Find out why Chris has been a bit sore and find out about what Sam’s been up to with Facebook and Twitter recently.

Sam had a bunch of Twitter notifications the other day and he didn’t know why, turns out everyone now knows when his birthday is. Find out how that happened.

Chris went and helped out on the PigVille production of Older the Movie as an extra in a funeral scene. How often were Chris eyes activated? You’ll have to listen to find out.,

There is a new sensor in a phone that can analyse anything, how cool would that be, which leads into Sam talking about him doing the Whole30 Food challenge right now and how he has just won a lot of chocolate.


New smartphone can analyse materials

TCASP EP:066 Topless Acting, Dick Smith is a Dick and TedX Speaker process.


Another week another episode, Chris has been busy playing Skyrim, he made his television debut on Shortland St recently and is about to appear topless in his next Television appearance which he is shooting this week.

Chris drove his car because if he doesn’t it might just sit there and never work, he didn’t manage to crash it out of a car park building though like some winners here in Hamilton did recently.

The sad story of how new technology can ruin a funeral by playing porn in the background.

Dick Smith is a Dick and some guy called Harvey Norman comes to the party and helps out the customers.

We discuss the process of picking speakers for the upcoming TEDx Ruakura event happening here in Hamilton.

Sam saw the best sort of intro/pickup line in use the other day in town, find out what it was.

A lady changes her name to be able to play in a novice lawn bowling league, even though she had played for 15 years under her old name, would you go to those extremes?

We have the Chris’s old letter segment again this week.

All this and more, so make sure to check it out.

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