TCASP EP:143 – Naked at the Gym and Crazy LED Man

You’ll never guess what Chris has bought for the cat.

We receive some incredible Spam offers.

Sam is in the spotlight of a crazy old man.

Chris is born in the wrong time to join the Rocket League collegiate

We discuss the future of rail for Waikato.

Fact or Fiction? Does a seagull tear off a man’s testicles?

Chris tells us a story about cat nuts and how he ended up naked at the gym.

Sam tells an even more disturbing gym story.

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TCASP EP:058 – Chris is old, a giant cow and an accident at the gym.


Chris has been busy with more background acting work.  He also fills us in about the 24hr movie marathon he went to, find out what Chris is allowed to say about it, the threat of saying too much and being banned from future events is possible.  There was also more flesh then ever and more females at this event, apparently not those statements are not related.

Chris spoke at an IT conference and met some interesting IT managers as well as levelling up for another year and is older than ever, he celebrated by going to a comedy club and possibly freaking out other members of the public with his epic laugh.

Are you substainable?  Sam hears this awesome word in a podcast and has a discussion about it.

Udemy lets you take course and also make courses we talk briefly about that.
Chris is in demand with lots of acting gigs, Sam isn’t in demand and is over Twitter, but maybe a giant cow they want to build in Morrinsville will help Sam out.

Find out what Chris wants to be able to do before he reaches his 50th.

Sam had an accident at the gym, and Chris tells us about his unintentional perving story that happened when he was younger.  All this plus more in this latest episode of The Chris and Sam Podcast.

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TCASP EP:053 – The Pain of Filming and the Gym


Chris gets beaten up on purpose for the short film Laxy Sunday and talks about his injuries and his acting abilities.  Getting a jazz band to do the musical score may be harder than first thought.  Sam has been dealing with the pain of going to the gym and explains how his inversion table has been going that he bought.

Due to budgeting requirments Buffer is currently out, and Social Pilot is in.  YouTube tries to bring in a premium offering to people.  Chris has been a bad Kiwi and has not seen the All Blacks play any games at the rugby world cup.

New Zealand has it’s own gun controversy after a reporter buys a gun with no gun license.  Canada has a new Prime Minister who wants to stop the war on drugs, Chris is all for it.

Sam has some stuff growing in a box in the shed and it’s doing quite well.

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TCASP EP 008: Shite, Two Magnets, Some Tape and Gym Stuff

In episode eight we talk about the AFK Kickstarter project, Sam has been hit up about his pronunciation we have a kick start or drop kick with one of them involving two magnets and tape and have a yarn about gym classes plus much more.
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