TCASP EP:065 – Making a Murderer, Old envelopes and Topless Chris


We talk about making a murderer, you should see it if you haven’t already.  Which leads us onto the-the film Paradise Lost and the West Memphis Three.

We tidied up the shed podcast studio and Chris had to throw out a bunch of his hoardings, but it allows us to have a new segment in the show, what is in the old envelope Chris has held onto forever and never opened.

We talk about the silly woman who spent all her life savings on lotto tickets and then started a crowdfunding page to get more money.

The government has helped Chris out with the upcoming Rent payment, and he has also picked up a topless acting gig.

It must be a NZ thing when a flock of sheep stop a police car chase.

Cards against humanity founder sends the militia a giant sized tub of lube to help them out.

Sam fell off his daughter’s scooter, luckily there weren’t too many people around to see this.

TedX planning is in full swing and so is the upcoming podcast conference.  All of this plus much more wrapped up into a podcast for you to listen to.

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