TCASP EP:117 – Chris’s Mums Wedding, Night Luging and TEDx Scott Base


We are back this week with a regular episode after our 2 year old backup was last weeks episode, make sure to check it out to hear about Trev and Spain.

A southern man has placed and ad to sell the remote for a specialised trailer a thief stole this week, all for the small sum of $16000 dollars. Chris found a story about a tortoise getting badly damaged in a fire and how 3D printing helped replace his shell.

Sam went night luging, it turns out Chris has never been luging before so he gets a run down on it, and thinks it might be too dangerous for him.

We discuss the much needed and wanted commuter train from Hamilton to Auckland. We think they just need to take the risk and do it and the people will come, don’t do a half assed job with it.

TEDx Scott base was held recently, Chris went to a viewing party and met some interesting people.

Journalists are having to ban together when trump is concerned, find out what that is all about .

We talk about Chris’s Mum’s upcoming wedding which was a surprise to him, and Chris had his first lines on Shortland St this week, has a star been born?

Sam did his first Parkrun last weekend, find out what that is about and how he went.

All that and a bit more in this episode, let us know your thoughts on any of this.

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TCASP EP: 106 – Te Aroha, Flamethrowers and Jandalgate


Chris gives us the run down on the Arohanui film festival he attended last weekend, find out how it went and what things Chris learned and will do differently next year, including not getting confused between Paeroa and Te Aroha. Chris also seems to have a noisy mouth while Sam is dealing with hay fever this week.

If you ae after a good parody account to follow on Facebook, Sam recommends the Ethiopian Domino’s Pizza page, it cracked him up, he also somehow randomly found him on a website selling flamethrowers, so if you are thinking about getting one make sure to check out the X15 personal flamethrower.

Sam helped out some people this week, one was a guy that broke down the other was a woman who was having trouble with her dipstick. Sam has a rant about coffee and petrol stations.

Twitter announced it is closing down Vine, will this effect the “stars” of this platform or will they just use other ones? Who knows. But what we do know is that the founders weren’t that keen on selling out, but this is what happens when other people give you lots of money and are in control of things.

Slack this week put out a full page newspaper ad to Microsoft welcoming them to the realm of a group chat thing, Chris thinks people have missed the point on this and thinks it’s a genius move on Slacks part, have a listen and see what you think about it.

Chris was on Shortland St again, this time he was given a line, one that he stuffed up, but it wasn’t his fault, find out what happened.

Who is Tony Holden and what is the story around the urinal dedicated to him at the studios Shortland St is filmed? We’re not sure and can’t be bothered researching it, but Chris did take a photo of it.

Find out about Jandalgate and the problems Sam had getting his sister a birthday present.

And apparently, Bebo is coming back, sort of. Find out what is going on there.

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TCASP EP:066 Topless Acting, Dick Smith is a Dick and TedX Speaker process.


Another week another episode, Chris has been busy playing Skyrim, he made his television debut on Shortland St recently and is about to appear topless in his next Television appearance which he is shooting this week.

Chris drove his car because if he doesn’t it might just sit there and never work, he didn’t manage to crash it out of a car park building though like some winners here in Hamilton did recently.

The sad story of how new technology can ruin a funeral by playing porn in the background.

Dick Smith is a Dick and some guy called Harvey Norman comes to the party and helps out the customers.

We discuss the process of picking speakers for the upcoming TEDx Ruakura event happening here in Hamilton.

Sam saw the best sort of intro/pickup line in use the other day in town, find out what it was.

A lady changes her name to be able to play in a novice lawn bowling league, even though she had played for 15 years under her old name, would you go to those extremes?

We have the Chris’s old letter segment again this week.

All this and more, so make sure to check it out.

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TCASP EP:056 – Shortland St, SMCAKL and a Bulging Groin


SMCAKL is on this Wednesday, so a big hello if you are checking this out after wondering who Chris is or having a conversation with either one of us on the night.  Chris managed to get himself on Shortland St this week for his background acting debut.

We both had to do some audio work on the Tropfest film Lazy Sunday we are helping out with, and talking about Tropfest it looks like they might be having trouble with the festival in Australis, will this effect us here in NZ?

Thanks to Hillbilly Nerd Talk we checked out Wyrmwood, a very Australian zombie film.

Sam went along to the Waikato networking groups coffee event, and talks about why he has different types of business cards.

NZ Twitter Secret Santa is underway if you got us you should probably listen to this podcast to find out what our suggestion is to find out more about us.

Axl Rose’s bulging groin features in this podcast on a t-shirt Chris is wearing from way back in the day.

We find out a bit about the new Jame Bond film as Chris went on his man date, and could this podcast episode alone be enough for Chris to get a job and replace his CV?

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