TCASP EP: 136 – TEDx Announcement and a Firm German Woman


Another week and another awesome podcast episode, listen to find out what we have been up to, highlights this week include:

Chris had to deal with all the fog in Hamilton, find out how that affected his travel plans, and find out where he was going.

Find out how Uber caused Chris some issues as well on his travels.

Exciting news for broadcast TV here in NZ, and it means we can watch normal TV now, that is TV1 and TV2 are now going to broadcast their channels live online, we’ll see how well that pans out.

We learnt about the clock in the wall this week, it’s been beeping every day for the last 13 years, how it got in there is an amusing story.

Sam got the best spam email this week, it involves money and children and it’s great.

Chris had some good news, when a television production contacted him and wants him to do some more work on a show he’s been on before.

TEDx Ruakura is fast approaching, Chris as you know is the speaker coach, and TEDx Ruakura had a Salon event on Thursday which was great, and the speakers were all announced, including Sam, he’ll be there doing a talk, you’ll have to guess on what as it’s all secret squirrel.

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TCASP EP:135 – The one with Fieldays


This week’s episode is here a bit late, but not as late as the things Chris has been procrastinating with. Find out what he’s supposed to be doing.

Hamilton has Fieldays this week which means one thing, the busiest time of the year for escorts.

We discuss the cat that has teeth problems that Chris is now the proud owner of.

Sam went to Fieldays, so find out all about that, highlights include helping people to not get ripped off by fidget spinners, a chainsaw stuck in a log, interesting people and getting stuck in mud.

Chris is heading off to Wellington to go to a TedX, find out what his travel plans entail, and next week we will no doubt hear about how that trip went.

Homer Simpson thwarts Deep mind this week, find out how he confused one of the smartest computers around.

Elon Musk interview is something you must watch according to Chris, find the link below.

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TCASP EP:117 – Chris’s Mums Wedding, Night Luging and TEDx Scott Base


We are back this week with a regular episode after our 2 year old backup was last weeks episode, make sure to check it out to hear about Trev and Spain.

A southern man has placed and ad to sell the remote for a specialised trailer a thief stole this week, all for the small sum of $16000 dollars. Chris found a story about a tortoise getting badly damaged in a fire and how 3D printing helped replace his shell.

Sam went night luging, it turns out Chris has never been luging before so he gets a run down on it, and thinks it might be too dangerous for him.

We discuss the much needed and wanted commuter train from Hamilton to Auckland. We think they just need to take the risk and do it and the people will come, don’t do a half assed job with it.

TEDx Scott base was held recently, Chris went to a viewing party and met some interesting people.

Journalists are having to ban together when trump is concerned, find out what that is all about .

We talk about Chris’s Mum’s upcoming wedding which was a surprise to him, and Chris had his first lines on Shortland St this week, has a star been born?

Sam did his first Parkrun last weekend, find out what that is about and how he went.

All that and a bit more in this episode, let us know your thoughts on any of this.

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TCASP EP:99 – Vegetarian Hell, Art of Apologising

We are getting excited this week, we are one more episode away from the mighty 100, but for now you’ll have to find out what has been going on this week.

Chris had bad news and then some good news in regards to his job and the contract he has, just when you thought the fetal blood stuff was sorta gross he has moved into another area and he might actually be in vegetarian hell.

Chris is off to the Spark Unconference, and Sam is taking part in the HP48 hour filmmaking event with rain forecast for the weekend.

We have a follow-up last week, remember when we were talking about blind people and money, well we found a page on the internet which explains why they didn’t put braille on our new money.

We remembered last week we had a TEDx meeting where Sam was the facilitator, so we talk about how that went a little bit and how some people were impressed when Sam had a haircut.

Spark has little robots lining up for the new iPhone launch, they seem pretty cool from a marketing point of view.

Are terrorists just going to strap themselves with a whole bunch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s instead of explosives? Could be just as effective.

An American company seems to have the right idea when apologising for a poor taste advertisement they made in regards to 9/11, maybe whoever is working at the Chiefs rugby club might be able to pick up some tips and maybe come up with a better result next time they do something really stupid.

Another case of rich people getting away too easily, this time here in NZ, when a young man who can’t handle his alcohol knocks a policewoman unconscious and continues to punch her, gets a very light sentence.

Landlords are wondering what the tenancy tribunal is up to, after it rules that a woman doesn’t need to help pay for new carpet in the rental she was in after her dogs urinated everywhere, even though she wasn’t allowed pets, we delve into this and find out what the hell was going on.

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TCASP EP:086 Feedback, Fieldays and Sex Box


We’ve recorded half of this episode twice due to technology being dumb.

We have a follow-up from episode 85, NZ Post got in touch with us about our comments on their new electric buggies, and we’ve learnt that a story Chris talked about happened like almost a year ago.

Chris almost got caught out with another news story this week, but realised it was a hoax mere seconds before he was about to post it to the Chris and Sam Facebook page.

TEDx Ruakura update this week, a big rehearsal for all the speakers and Sam helped out on the day. Chris was in good form, and might be working towards making a speaker cry.

We hung out with Will Fleming from the Will Fleming Vlog, his mate Rob, as well as Lush Monster, Karl who along with his wife turned up with his 360-degree camera which filmed us.

We mention fan of the show Jeremy Howson, who is wanting to interact with us live, one day he might be able to once we work out a schedule when we are recording.

This week we heard from Karl all about the Budweiser watch his dad gave him, that was powered by Budweiser.

We learnt about a website that helps domestic violence people get help. They have a free button you can put on your website.

We answer a burning question about our outro on the podcast, find out if we mean friends or friend.

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TCASP EP: 076 – Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins


We are back to our regular scheduled podcasts, Sam was stressed out with the Pumpkin Carnival Stuff and seems better now.

St Kentigerns School production of Sweeney Todd doesn’t go to plan when they actually cut kids for real.

Chris liked the Rogue Squadron Trailer, and who is the black guy with a droopy eye he keeps going on about?

3 Run Gaza are some people not wanting to fight, but do parkour instead.  Chris fills us in all about what they are up to.

A NZ company called Avatana has worked out how to make beneficial products from mining slag.

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TCASP EP:072 – TEDx Wellington, Bambillo is crap and more research needed.


Chris starts the podcast off with his own special rendition of a theme song, try and guess what it is.

Our extensive research we put into each and every show let us down last week, find out what story was complete crap.

Along the same lines, the Scorpion guy mentioned a while back may also not be as amazing as first thought, did he dupe Tim Ferriss?

Turns out the “amazing” bambillo pillow might actually be crap.  

A dumbass American woman who advocates the use of guns gets shot by her 4 year old while driving.

Some dude shot some cops here in NZ, luckily not fatally and he also lived once they got him out of the house he was in.

Find out how TEDx Wellington went for Chris and how the workshop the next day was.

Chris didn’t like the parking prices in Auckland recently and ended up with a parking ticket.

We talk about what it’s like to burn a house down and how some volunteer firefighters get to burn down a $14.2 million dollar home.

Chris’s acting gig this week was pretending to be a mine rescue worker, but he didn’t end up doing anything.

What makes the DJI Phantom 4 a pretty cool quadcopter?  We discuss the new version.

Michael Keaton was spotted in NZ the other day, hope he’s been having a great time.

Trello has a new chrome plugin which is awesome, you need to check Trello out and the plugin as it will help you out a lot.

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TCASP EP:066 Topless Acting, Dick Smith is a Dick and TedX Speaker process.


Another week another episode, Chris has been busy playing Skyrim, he made his television debut on Shortland St recently and is about to appear topless in his next Television appearance which he is shooting this week.

Chris drove his car because if he doesn’t it might just sit there and never work, he didn’t manage to crash it out of a car park building though like some winners here in Hamilton did recently.

The sad story of how new technology can ruin a funeral by playing porn in the background.

Dick Smith is a Dick and some guy called Harvey Norman comes to the party and helps out the customers.

We discuss the process of picking speakers for the upcoming TEDx Ruakura event happening here in Hamilton.

Sam saw the best sort of intro/pickup line in use the other day in town, find out what it was.

A lady changes her name to be able to play in a novice lawn bowling league, even though she had played for 15 years under her old name, would you go to those extremes?

We have the Chris’s old letter segment again this week.

All this and more, so make sure to check it out.

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TCASP EP:065 – Making a Murderer, Old envelopes and Topless Chris


We talk about making a murderer, you should see it if you haven’t already.  Which leads us onto the-the film Paradise Lost and the West Memphis Three.

We tidied up the shed podcast studio and Chris had to throw out a bunch of his hoardings, but it allows us to have a new segment in the show, what is in the old envelope Chris has held onto forever and never opened.

We talk about the silly woman who spent all her life savings on lotto tickets and then started a crowdfunding page to get more money.

The government has helped Chris out with the upcoming Rent payment, and he has also picked up a topless acting gig.

It must be a NZ thing when a flock of sheep stop a police car chase.

Cards against humanity founder sends the militia a giant sized tub of lube to help them out.

Sam fell off his daughter’s scooter, luckily there weren’t too many people around to see this.

TedX planning is in full swing and so is the upcoming podcast conference.  All of this plus much more wrapped up into a podcast for you to listen to.

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TCASP EP:037 – TedX, Roast Chickens and Travels

We have the TedX roundup, Chris has a unique ability and it involves his pants. Sam learnt some stuff about roast chickens on an airplane, we have supermarket stories, how to be awesome at a light festival, Chris has given up on Tinder and now wants to use Tindog, and flooding doesn’t stop bar patrons, all that and more in this packed episode.

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