TCASP EP:149 – New Bed, New Router


This week we went through a quick and easy setup of the new router here at the international headquarters of the podcast.

And on the way to get the new router Chris managed to vote after getting reminded voting was happening, and was pretty drunk.

More spam stuff this week, one was legitimate one wasn’t.

The next short film Chris is helping with to produce is called Bloody Late Shift, we find out what is happening in the lead up to the filming days.

Sam is selling pumpkin seeds on his website now, check out the link below to see more.

Twitter is trialing tweets that will be 280 characters long now.

Sam thought he would give Facebook Messenger another go, after about 20 seconds it pissed him off and he uninstalled, find out what happened.

Chris bought a new bed and the delivery of this bed is very imminent.

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TCASP EP:144 – Everyone’s named Chris, and Pumpkin Hustling

Another week, another great episode of everyone’s favourite podcast.

Another busy week, with Chris telling more enthralling stories about his work, he really does need better work stories. He went to Palmerston North for work and while it’s hard to imagine, he managed to make a dick of himself while down there.

We do a brief catch up about TEDx Ruakura, the HP48hr Film comp is on this weekend, find out who and what we are doing.

Sam got ragey looking at art this week, find out what annoyed him.

We discuss the Indian scammer that Sam recorded earlier on in the week, and discuss another spam email that was a lot better than last week’s attempt.

Sam fills us in on how his meeting with the Mayor went, all to with growing a giant pumpkin of course.

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TCASP EP:103 – Trumpkins and Driving into the Lake


We are back this week with a large range of topics covered, which is good as Chris has finally remembered the tagline for the show.

Sam went back to the dentist and is going back next week for even more teeth related stuff.

The 48hr finals for Hamilton were on this week, we went along and picked up one award, find out what one we got. And it was interesting how we had different opinions on which ones we liked.

We talk a bit about the tragedy that occurred in south Waikato earlier on in the week, when a male suffering from mental health issues went on a bit of a rampage, killing his mum, and two strangers in their home.

We talk about the plans to build the best gun club in the southern hemisphere right next to a meditation retreat.

Chris found an article talking about messy people and how people spending time sorting out things like 20,000 emails aren’t being that productive.

D list NZ celebrity came out this week stating they wanted to reclaim the Swastika, a genuine concern or just some random talking to get into the news?

Sam went and saw the film Pete’s Dragon, and knowing it was filmed in NZ it was easy for him to spot some telltale signs it was shot here.

Chris had some work this week as an extra in a documentary and things got confusing when the director was playing a director within the doco.

We talk about Hamilton latest mayor, the very small margin of a win, how people are unhappy and how we apparently have a crazy conspiracy theory nut on the council.

Some people having a driving lesson managed to crash their car into the lake and have to be rescued by passersby’s this week.

We discuss the plans that Germany have about banning all internal combustion engines by 2030, will they be able to do it and what it doesn’t involve?

Halloween is going to be awesome in the US this year as Trumpkins will appear all over the place.

Find out how Chris got blisters on his delicate old man hands this week, and why some people annoyed him at work.

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