TCASP EP: 136 – TEDx Announcement and a Firm German Woman


Another week and another awesome podcast episode, listen to find out what we have been up to, highlights this week include:

Chris had to deal with all the fog in Hamilton, find out how that affected his travel plans, and find out where he was going.

Find out how Uber caused Chris some issues as well on his travels.

Exciting news for broadcast TV here in NZ, and it means we can watch normal TV now, that is TV1 and TV2 are now going to broadcast their channels live online, we’ll see how well that pans out.

We learnt about the clock in the wall this week, it’s been beeping every day for the last 13 years, how it got in there is an amusing story.

Sam got the best spam email this week, it involves money and children and it’s great.

Chris had some good news, when a television production contacted him and wants him to do some more work on a show he’s been on before.

TEDx Ruakura is fast approaching, Chris as you know is the speaker coach, and TEDx Ruakura had a Salon event on Thursday which was great, and the speakers were all announced, including Sam, he’ll be there doing a talk, you’ll have to guess on what as it’s all secret squirrel.

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TCASP EP:064 – Wellington Trip, Chris has an actual audition


Sam came back from his holiday, he managed to squeeze in 5 museums in this trip, the highlights were the Dream works exhibition and the Gallipoli Exhibits, and a silly woman doesn’t like that Sam didn’t pay for the tour find out what her actual problem was.

A Japanese train station is kept open for only one person.  Chris found an interesting story from around 4 years ago of a woman who was searching for herself in a lost person party.

Netflix has decided that they are going to shut down the proxy server situation to stop us Kiwis from watching US content, will they succeed or is this just all talk to keep studios happy?

Sky TV has upset a bunch of people with their crap upgrade to their boxes

Chris found out about a revolutionary water wheel, helping people get water and transport it in third world countries.  It is called the Wello Water Wheel and we discuss it.

A Kiwi won a design award for his new concept to help people start building tree houses.

A live view paper airplane drone on Kickstarter sounds really cool.

Chris had a proper audition this week for a big time advertising gig.

Make sure to check out the Asia Pacific Podcasting Conference coming up really soon.

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