TCASP EP:148 – 48hr Finals, The Block and Work


Another well-crafted podcast for your listening pleasure this week. Chris went along to the 48hr film finals where the standard of films was really high, and friends and ex-teammates did exceptionally well and picked up a bunch of awards, well-done everybody.

Hamilton City Council is finally sorting out the Library here in town and is going to fix it up, it’s going to take over 8 months though, why did they not start fixing it sooner we wonder?

We talk about the TV show The Block and how the poor hard done by contestants are going on give a little to raise funds for them losing a game they signed up for.

An extra bonus episode of the black hand’s podcast came out this week, it made Sam ragey as the judge seemed like an idiot.

We talk about a great app that has been picked up by big US sports teams, and you’ll never guess where it had been made.

And we discuss Chris’s work situation, will he actually get better at his job? Or will he be forever working crazy hours? What is causing all of this? And Chris is using an app to help him learn where all his time is being spent.

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TCASP EP:088 Chris is a Scientist, Crushed Dreams and Drug Notes


Sam is back from his trip from Christchurch, find out how that went.

Chris has started a new job, it involves blood and snoods, Chris isn’t a fan of the Snood it turns out.

We found out more about the resting bitch face condition affecting a whole bunch of people.

We have a Kickstarter this week called VI, which is a set of headphones that will be your personal coach using artificial intelligence.

Our amazing banknotes are now becoming famous for being some of the most contaminated with drugs ever now.

When going through airport security don’t try to be fancy by stating a product’s name, just say what it is.

No museums visited on Sam’s trip this time but find out who he sat next to on the flight down to Christchurch.

A never before seen Lego display is coming to Hamilton and Auckland very soon.

Someone at New World decided it was a good idea to give away a toxic fake snow product to children that is hard to tidy up and not good for anyone.

Cartoons by Jim is releasing a new collection about technology, you can help and get your name in the book.

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