TCASP EP:148 – 48hr Finals, The Block and Work


Another well-crafted podcast for your listening pleasure this week. Chris went along to the 48hr film finals where the standard of films was really high, and friends and ex-teammates did exceptionally well and picked up a bunch of awards, well-done everybody.

Hamilton City Council is finally sorting out the Library here in town and is going to fix it up, it’s going to take over 8 months though, why did they not start fixing it sooner we wonder?

We talk about the TV show The Block and how the poor hard done by contestants are going on give a little to raise funds for them losing a game they signed up for.

An extra bonus episode of the black hand’s podcast came out this week, it made Sam ragey as the judge seemed like an idiot.

We talk about a great app that has been picked up by big US sports teams, and you’ll never guess where it had been made.

And we discuss Chris’s work situation, will he actually get better at his job? Or will he be forever working crazy hours? What is causing all of this? And Chris is using an app to help him learn where all his time is being spent.

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TCASP EP:147 – YouTube Trout and Icarus


Another week another episode, Chris is full of food from eating a lot at his bosses place gave him, and we recorded in the morning so sober Chris this episode.

Sam finally got his vacuum cleaner and he heard back from the guy he was trying to track down, so it’s been shaping up as a great week around these parts.

Sam had to cook up a trout after his daughter came home from a school camp with one.

We talk about the tragic story of a woman and man that died while learning to drive, they ended up in a lake.

The new iPhone got announced this week, we talk about how average it seems.

Facebook is trialing a snooze button on their website, which we hope will become a reality as we have a bunch of people we would like to snooze.

Chris has put down another topic which he didn’t really do, we discuss the cost of sea level rise and how it won’t affect Hamilton at all.

Sam talks about the documentary Icarus and recommends you should go and see it.

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TCASP EP:146 – Phantom Vacuum Cleaner and Tramping Stories


Chris is stressed out this week and we discuss if he might have thrush. It turns out we have some tramping stories to tell as well.

Sam’s been looking into one of his YouTube channels and you’ll never guess how many views his most viewed video has.

Sam’s trying to track down a council worker who may not exist or is just terrible at his job, look forward to updates on this.

Possibly the best piece of art ever created in NZ of Nick Smith going for a crap has been unveiled, we think it’s great and love the realism of it.

We talk about a NZ food delivery service called LazyAs that is doing awesome stuff and going up against the big names in this space, we look forward to when it comes to Hamilton.

We have the latest on the part time flatmate V2 and what happened around that.

Sam talks about the amazing vacuum cleaner that he doesn’t have put is paying for currently, one day it might turn up.

Chris reconnects with someone from his past and thinks he has an amazing money making idea, if only he could pull it off, have a listen to see what you think about his idea.

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TCASP EP:145 – Part Time Flatmate V2 and the Cat Sling

This week’s episode is brought to you by Canadian Club, it’s been a tough week for Chris so drinks are involved in this episode.

We get an update on how the 48hr film weekend went for Chris, and Chris explains how his cat sling has been working. Is this another failed item from China Chris and bought? Have a listen and find out.

Are you after a way of making money? How about buying a bunch of single person sleeping pods and then trying to rent them out as single rooms? We discuss this business idea.

We have a new part time flatmate moving in, this time around its version 2, and it’s going to be one of Chris’s new workmates, how long is he staying for? No one knows, what’s he like? No one knows I’m sure there will be some sort of follow up in a future episode.

Is Chris the only person around that doesn’t have a Swiss Tech Utili Key on his key ring? While he waits for his to turn up from China, Sam used his one to break into his ex’s house, for no weird reasons at all.

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TCASP EP:144 – Everyone’s named Chris, and Pumpkin Hustling

Another week, another great episode of everyone’s favourite podcast.

Another busy week, with Chris telling more enthralling stories about his work, he really does need better work stories. He went to Palmerston North for work and while it’s hard to imagine, he managed to make a dick of himself while down there.

We do a brief catch up about TEDx Ruakura, the HP48hr Film comp is on this weekend, find out who and what we are doing.

Sam got ragey looking at art this week, find out what annoyed him.

We discuss the Indian scammer that Sam recorded earlier on in the week, and discuss another spam email that was a lot better than last week’s attempt.

Sam fills us in on how his meeting with the Mayor went, all to with growing a giant pumpkin of course.

One of our mighty podcast listeners made sure Chris is enrolled to vote in the upcoming election, big shout out to Quentin for sorting that out for Chris. Continue reading “TCASP EP:144 – Everyone’s named Chris, and Pumpkin Hustling”

TCASP EP:143 – Naked at the Gym and Crazy LED Man

You’ll never guess what Chris has bought for the cat.

We receive some incredible Spam offers.

Sam is in the spotlight of a crazy old man.

Chris is born in the wrong time to join the Rocket League collegiate

We discuss the future of rail for Waikato.

Fact or Fiction? Does a seagull tear off a man’s testicles?

Chris tells us a story about cat nuts and how he ended up naked at the gym.

Sam tells an even more disturbing gym story.

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TCASP EP:142 – Hot Mouth and No Mud for Rotorua


Sam had an accident in the kitchen and had to deal with a hot mouth, Chris left his phone upstairs and this led to us discussing him missing notifications, and we learnt how he went at the NZ Stage Combat School workshop he ended up finding himself at.

Some asshole boy racers went and destroyed a track for lawn mower racing down in Taranaki.

We talk about Rotorua’s plans to import $90,000 worth of mud from Korea for a mud festival.

Sam has a meeting coming up with the Mayor who is apparently keen to grow a giant pumpkin.

All this and more, make sure to check out the past episodes and say hi.

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TCASP EP:141 – Black Heart Rum and Hanging Carpet


This week’s podcast is bought to you by black heart rum, Chris consumed most of it the night before this was recorded, he was drinking and playing Dungeons and Dragons like a boss.

We watched the movie Green Room this week, Chris had been wanting Sam to watch it for a while and it turns out it’s a pretty good film, well worth a watch, and we also checked out the Spanish film Daemon.

After this podcast was recorded Chris was off to Auckland to do a theatre fight class, what could go wrong? Expect a report back on that in next weeks episode.

We discuss the Parkin drawing prize winner, and wonder if something shady was happening with the judges as some pieces of old carpet held up by string won it.

Chris did a grown up thing this week and finally sorted out some insurance for his car, which is good as he doesn’t want to pay out a bunch of money for damaging someone else’s car like he did a couple of weeks ago.

We heard about the dumbass trying to steal some tyres from a ute in Dundun this week, he got made to put them back on by the owner.

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TCASP EP:140 – London Story Time

In this latest episode of the podcast we talk about a couple of great podcasts you should check out, Chris has been location scouting for an upcoming short film.

We learnt about an amazing maze that turned out to be super average.

And while we are talking Chris reminisces about his time in London and we learn about his exceptional dating skills, which you don’t want to miss.

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