Chris reached a new low this week when he ended up with 96 cents in his bank account, there’s not much you can buy for that, luckily he got paid, and now has to wait till next month for all his acting money.

Only Humane, the short film Chris produced and Sam helped out with is now ready to get submitted to film festivals around the world and we had the cast and crew screening, which was awesome and everyone liked it.

We’re joined in studio by a giant cockroach that keeps Chris’s attention and worries Sam while we record the podcast.

Chris has been filming some television commercials lately and he may or may not talk about them in this episode.

Sam might now be doing some background extra work soon, all brought on by them needing people that look like hillbilly’s.

Chris found the amazing story about a Frenchman who made a motorbike from his broken down car to get out a desert.

We have everyone’s favourite segment Kick start or Dropkick in this episode and it revolves around a thing called the licki brush which Chris is rather excited about, Sam isn’t so much.

Charity is stuck with thousands and thousands of rubber ducks they can’t use.  Find out why and what the shady story behind it is.

The Chinese have some out and stated they aren’t canning dead people despite the rumours going around they have been.

Family feud NZ this week caused us to question the NZ schooling regime with some really really dumb people answering a question in such a weird and amusing way.

Emile Leray built a working motorbike from a broken down car to escape the African desert
Weird new Licki Brush gadget lets humans lick their cat, simulating cleaning |
China: No, we are not sending cans of human flesh to Africa |
Charity fundraisers ducking for cover – Business – NZ Herald News


EP083 The Licki Cat brush

EP083 The Licki Cat brush

EP083 - Man makes motorbike out of a car to escape desert 20 years ago

EP083 – Man makes motorbike out of a car to escape desert 20 years ago