Chris gives us the run down on the Arohanui film festival he attended last weekend, find out how it went and what things Chris learned and will do differently next year, including not getting confused between Paeroa and Te Aroha. Chris also seems to have a noisy mouth while Sam is dealing with hay fever this week.

If you are after a good parody account to follow on Facebook, Sam recommends the Ethiopian Domino’s Pizza page, it cracked him up, he also somehow randomly found him on a website selling flamethrowers, so if you are thinking about getting one make sure to check out the X15 personal flamethrower.

Sam helped out some people this week, one was a guy that broke down the other was a woman who was having trouble with her dipstick. Sam has a rant about coffee and petrol stations.

Twitter announced it is closing down Vine, will this effect the “stars” of this platform or will they just use other ones? Who knows. But what we do know is that the founders weren’t that keen on selling out, but this is what happens when other people give you lots of money and are in control of things.

Slack this week put out a full page newspaper ad to Microsoft welcoming them to the realm of a group chat thing, Chris thinks people have missed the point on this and thinks it’s a genius move on Slacks part, have a listen and see what you think about it.

Chris was on Shortland St again, this time he was given a line, one that he stuffed up, but it wasn’t his fault, find out what happened.

Who is Tony Holden and what is the story around the urinal dedicated to him at the studios Shortland St is filmed? We’re not sure and can’t be bothered researching it, but Chris did take a photo of it.

Find out about Jandalgate and the problems Sam had getting his sister a birthday present.

And apparently, Bebo is coming back, sort of. Find out what is going on there.


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