Episode 118 is here and so far this week has been a blur for Chris, he can’t even remember doing last week’s podcast.

Exciting news this week, the short film Chris helped out with named Sunshine made it into the finals at Tropfest Film Festival as well as friends of the show Sash and Mary with their entry and another friend of the show Allan who we’ve mentioned previously also got into the finals with his short film which has Guy from the Guy and Harley podcast in it acting.

Jeremy the number one fan of the podcast got a screenshot of Chris on Shortland St yet again this week.

Chris is feeling super fit and is putting his name down as a backup fitness class teacher at the gym, will he be able to get through? Time will tell.

Sam went to a funeral this week and did a lot of driving, find out how the funeral went.

#dickstone2016 update in this podcast for all the keen people following it.

We don’t want to say that all woman are bad drivers, but the one that tried to park outside out place sure was, find out what happened, and find out whose car got damaged.

Chris might be all Trumped out now, how are you finding all the coverage and craziness coming from President Trump?

We learnt how technology was used to help make Trump win the election, all with the help from a company called Cambridge Analytica


2017 Finalists
How a little-known data firm helped Trump become president