This week’s podcast is bought to you by black heart rum, Chris consumed most of it the night before this was recorded, he was drinking and playing Dungeons and Dragons like a boss.

We watched the movie Green Room this week, Chris had been wanting Sam to watch it for a while and it turns out it’s a pretty good film, well worth a watch, and we also checked out the Spanish film Daemon.

After this podcast was recorded Chris was off to Auckland to do a theatre fight class, what could go wrong? Expect a report back on that in next weeks episode.

We discuss the Parkin drawing prize winner, and wonder if something shady was happening with the judges as some pieces of old carpet held up by string won it.

Chris did a grown up thing this week and finally sorted out some insurance for his car, which is good as he doesn’t want to pay out a bunch of money for damaging someone else’s car like he did a couple of weeks ago.

We heard about the dumbass trying to steal some tyres from a ute in Dundun this week, he got made to put them back on by the owner.


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