Chris is stressed out this week and we discuss if he might have thrush. It turns out we have some tramping stories to tell as well.

Sam’s been looking into one of his YouTube channels and you’ll never guess how many views his most viewed video has.

Sam’s trying to track down a council worker who may not exist or is just terrible at his job, look forward to updates on this.

Possibly the best piece of art ever created in NZ of Nick Smith going for a crap has been unveiled, we think it’s great and love the realism of it.

We talk about a NZ food delivery service called LazyAs that is doing awesome stuff and going up against the big names in this space, we look forward to when it comes to Hamilton.

We have the latest on the part time flatmate V2 and what happened around that.

Sam talks about the amazing vacuum cleaner that he doesn’t have but is paying for currently, one day it might turn up.

Chris reconnects with someone from his past and thinks he has an amazing money making idea, if only he could pull it off, have a listen to see what you think about his idea.

ECan rejects ‘offensive’ statue of Environment Minister Nick Smith squatting |
NZ delivery service LazyAz takes on industry giants UberEats and Amazon – NZ Herald