This week we went to the TEDx Ruakura Salon, where we heard 3 amazing speakers be interviewed on stage by Chris.

A great new project you need to check out is Immi the vegan, which currently has some crowd funding happening which has some really good rewards.

We have a follow up about a story we talked about last week, the one to do with free coke for sober drivers, and how one bar owner in Hamilton has been dealing with the keyboard warriors out there upset they don’t offer this same deal, find out what is actually happening.

Netflix has brought out its own speed testing website to check your internet speed, which is great once you realise why they did it.

Facebook wants to battle revenge porn on its network, but to do so it wants you to send in naked photos of yourself first so they can check them out.

Chris got a tax refund recently, so he spent most of it on goods from China, find out what he is now waiting on and he also got a standing desk for work, find out how that is going for him.

Here at the podcast we love scam emails, and now there is a tool made by the good folks at Netsafe that uses AI to talk to the scammers until they give up, check out the link below to give it a try.

How does an app that is used to see if there is an earthquake get a false report? Well when thousands of football fans all jump at once, find out more in this episode.

Hamilton City Council seems to be doing more dumb stuff with money, this time they are wanting to replace some balustrades on the office building so the Mayor can have a better view, is this good use of taxpayers money? Well no, not at all, but we discuss this.

Sam encounters some people that don’t know their Millennium Falcon from a DeLorean.