More petrol stations have been ram raided in Hamilton, so they are now installing fog cannons, the Government is also thinking about subsidising these for dairy’s and shops in Northland. Sam has to wait at a petrol station for some strange transaction.

We heard about a guy trying to sell hi brain for over a million dollars on Trade Me, the more you read into it the crazier it seems, have a listen to find out what you get for that sort of money.

If you are into true crime podcasts/ stories you should go and listen to the Casefile Podcast.

The Falcon heavy launch happened recently, which is a huge step forward for everyone, find out how it went check out the interview in the show notes.

The Body Worlds Vital display is coming to NZ, something that might be super creepy for some, but Sam is finding it interesting and Chris has no idea what it is.

Local actor and all round good guy Michael Easther passed away recently, check below to see the film we helped make where he played the bad guy, Red on the Green.

Sam saw something weird on the back of a car during the week and discusses with Chris if it is weird or not, find out what he is talking about.

Chris hear a story about crypto currencies and isn’t sure if it is crap or not.


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Man wants to sell his braing for 1.36 million dollars
Winter Olympics opening drone show
Fog cannon subsidy