Sam had car troubles this week and ended up stranded in Rotorua while that got fixed and missed on helping take NZ’s largest pumpkin up to Auckland to the carver who is going to be turning it into a cinderella carriage for Seven Sharp.

We mention that friend of the show Will Fleming from the My Kiwi Life Podcast has a new job.

Man gets caught out in Christchurch for “helping” a friend with software and installing webcam recording software. He has one of the strangest sounding tips as well to aid his dodgy dodgy scam.

Our new NZ $5 banknote is the best in the world, with high-tech features and awesome design.

China is building cinemas at an astonishing rate, which can only mean good things for filmmakers everywhere, including Chris who is in a Chinese/NZ movie.

Man gets hungry on a train, tweets his way to a getting a pizza delivered thanks to Dominos.

Z and the chief censor are still going on about Wicked Campers.

The TV show story annoyed Chris this week with their whole segment coming off like a bad podcast episode, he thinks we are doing it better.

Fury has been making so much money he better turn up to the boxing fights, but he would rather be at home just laxing out eating bad food.

Chris isn’t impressed with a selfie drone that has been doing the rounds in the media lately.

There is a great Rick and Morty fan theory going around which involves multiverses and how the show may have actually tricked us to who we were actually watching. Chris isn’t really into it and wants to know who is into it?

Hillary Barry is leaving TV3, after 23 years it was to be expected.

Chris might have a part in an upcoming TV pilot some people are shooting, he also fills us in on what else he has going on in the background talent scene.

We also have the tedX Ruakura update and how that is all going, especially for Chris as he is the speaker coach.

Sam was the guest speaker this week at the Waikato Horticultural Society April night, and his stories about pumpkin growing went down really well.

And we find out how Parkour went for Chris the other day.

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