Episode 112 is here and all of our NZ Secret Santa gifts have arrived. Find out what we got from all the awesome Santa’s out there. We have a hashtag now to help document Chris’s kidney stone, #dickstone2016 is what you will need to use for all your hashtag needs when talking about it from now on. Thanks to Jeremy for coming up with it.

Sam managed to fix the back catalogue of episodes, you can now go back and listen to the last 300 episodes of the podcast, luckily we are only at 112 right now. But make sure to check out the episode 2 magnets and a piece of tape as it makes Sam angry.

Chris came across a little tool to help with as he puts it, guitar fingering. He also reads out a quote he found that might explain the state of the world, the biggest threat to mankind might be stupidity.

Homelessness in Hamilton has all been solved apart from 2 people that are sleeping rough, we wonder how true these claims really are and friend of the show Allan had experience with these random “homeless” types of people when he was visiting earlier on in the week.

Police overseas rescued an old lady who appeared to be frozen in a car, turns out it wasn’t a live person at all, find out what this super realistic old person is actually used for.

Kickstart or dropkick is in the mix this week, we talk about gear eye, a way of keeping track of all your gear with the use of RFID tags and your smartphone, is this a good idea? Or just something for really dumb people? We discuss it.

We learnt about the experimental skin gun this week, find out what it is and what it can be used for.

Have we heard about the latest thing for the adult industry? VR you can feel. Find out what they achieved and what Chris thinks about it.

India’s built the world’s largest solar power plant, in a pretty short amount of time, which leads us to guess how big the population is in India.

Using magnets to clean out your blood of bad things might be a new way of doing things in the future.

GearEye – The Ultimate Gear Management System by GearEye — Kickstarter
Police rescue ‘frozen’ woman who turns out to be mannequin
Hamilton group says it’s ended homelessness in the city | Radio New Zealand News