We start this podcast with a talk about Facebook and the new thing they are bringing out. And then a new story has come out saying MP3 is now a dead format, is this just click bait headlines or is there something to it? We discuss it.

Wannacry ransomware has been in the news a lot the last couple of weeks, what is it and how did some random dude slow down the spread of it? Find out in this episode.

We got back to episode 10 of the podcast, the one where we had talked about the best restaurant in Hamilton to survive a zombie apocalypse, it has now been sold and is being turned into something else, we discuss a couple of businesses that keep cropping up more and more, one of them makes sense, the other we aren’t too sure about.

And while talking about Twitter, we stumble onto the complete story of how Chris’s marriage fell apart, listen in to find out what went wrong, and how it all played out.

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